Saturday, December 17, 2011

Drop20in12 Challenge Overview

Hello everyone!  

Here goes all the information you need to know about Drop20in12 Weight Loss Challenge of 2012! ;)

As you know, the challenge is hosted by Q (PlusModelinTheMaking), Karina (BeautifulYouTV), and Cici (ThatsSoCiCiYo). We decided to do this challenge in order to help motivate & inspire you to embrace yourself and the skin you are in! This challenge is about dropping the weight off you physically, mentally, & emotionally; this challenge is a celebration of the New Confident & Healthy YOU!  

Obviously, Drop20in12 is not JUST about losing 20 pounds in 2 months! Your Goal can be to lose 20 pounds, 40, 100 pounds, or to become more confident by getting fit, toning & sculpting; it’s not about the number it’s about being the BEST you for 2012! Let’s motivate each other and make new friends with the same common goals! We are looking for TRUE leaders who are taking control of their lives while embracing themselves no matter what size they are! We don’t want you to be “skinny”, we want you to be a healthy confident you! Let’s start off 2012 Confidently Fit!

Challenge Run Dates

The Challenge will last for 2 months from January 15th till March 11th. You will be able to enter on January 1st through the 15th. Do not wait for the 15th to submit, submit your entry ASAP.

Who Can Enter…

Anyone anywhere in the world can enter! You can be any age/ any gender! All Goals are accepted: losing/ gaining/ maintaining weight, toning, or simply getting fit! There are absolutely NO limitations - this challenge is for everyone!


1.      You must be subscribed to all 3 of our YT channels:
2.      You must Subscribe & Follow-up on our blog at
3.      You must make 3 of your OWN Video Responses Total to the correct channel
4.      You must have your parent’s permission if under 18

Your 3 Needed Video Responses & Where to Submit

1.      Submission Entry Video
You will be able to submit your first Video Response January 1st through the 15th. You MUST make a Video Response to ENTER and two additional ones at a later time (see below) with your progress & final results. Your 1st Video Response must be posted on PlusModelinTheMaking’s channel. Each of us will make reminder videos for every video response due and who’s channel to post to.
2.      Progress Submission Video
Submission Period: February 12- 18th
Post to ThatsSoCiCi’s Video
3.      Final Results Submission Video
Submission Period: March 11- 17
Post to BeautifulYouTV’s Video

4 Steps to creating your Entry Video

1.      State your Name, Age, Height, Starting Weight, Measurements (bust, waist, hips) , and/or Muscle Mass
2.      Brief Background: Let us know if you are a new mom, student, and/or your current situation and how it has affected your lifestyle
3.      Your Goals: Tell us your goals for this challenge. What are you looking to accomplish within these two months? What do you hope to be able to do after this challenge concludes? Btw, you need to have Weight Loss and Non-Related weight loss goals, so we can pick a winner based of this and not jus your body results!
4.      Show us Your Before: Show us your body from every angle in a video and/or images. Make sure you have good lighting and we can actually see your body shape. Try not to wear all black.
*** Try to keep your video UNDER 4 minutes. Since we expect a lot of entries we want to make sure yours will be seen from start to finish. Make sure that we can clearly hear and see you too!


a) $150 CASH Prize
b) Customized Dress of your choice by
c) A Special Feature on all of our channels with Your winning video content

Winner Selection

·         There will be ONE lucky winner for the entire challenge.
·         Winner will be the one who makes most improvement overall, NOT just by the number on the scale.
·         The winner will be determined by all three of us.
·         Once we all agree on a winner we will announce it in a video on all of our channels.

Submit Your Videos & Suggestions

·         Submit your videos about anything related to weight loss, toning, dieting, exercised, etc to our blog!
·         We will post articles on our blog weekly in addition to selecting Your videos to post as well!
·         You can submit your video links and suggestions to anytime throughout the challenge

FAQ for Entry Video

Q: Do I need to make a video response?
A: Yes, you must make a VR to participate in this challenge

Q: What if I am camera shy?
A: You do not have to show your face and we suggest to make a new channel strictly for this challenge if you do not want others to know who you are.

Q: I do not have a camcorder can I still enter?
A: Yes, but you will still need to make a video response using images and text instead. A video response is required but you can insert pictures if you do not have access to a camcorder.

Q: Do I need to show my body?
A: Yes, we visually need to see your results. You do not have to show ANYTHING that you do not want to show. BUT make sure you have on fitted clothes and try not to wear all black so we can actually see your shape.

Q: Can I enter any other way?
A: Unfortunately, you will not be able to properly enter into this challenge but you are more than welcome to follow along with us without entering.

Q: Do I have to state my age, location, weight, measurements, etc?
A: Not if you do not feel comfortable with sharing this information. Although we would like to know your starting point we can understand if you are not comfortable stating this in your Entry Video but we would need to still know your results in your Progress & Final Result Video.

Good Luck! ;)

Your Karina / BeautifulYouTV & my gals Q (PlusModelinTheMaking), and Cici (ThatsSoCiCiYo)